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Class Piano

Author(s): Julia Mortyakova

Class Piano is designed to gradually introduce a piano beginner to the instrument, music notation, and the proper playing technique. Through the use of original music composed by Olga Harris and the fundamentals of scales, chord progressions, and arpeggios, the students in this class will be able to...

What DNA Evidence Reveals About Criminals: Cold Case Criminology

Author(s): Matthew DeLisi

Cold cases are resolved on an almost weekly basis by new investigative techniques and forensic technologies that can process DNA evidence from long dormant crime scenes. This DNA evidence revolution has unprecedented potential for locating missing persons, identifying crime victims, and bringing per...

Applied Perspectives of Personal, Public and Global Health

Author(s): Barbara Engebretsen

Applied Perspectives of Personal, Public, and Global Health is an introduction for undergraduate students considering a wide variety of human, animal, environmental, and public health, as well as social and public services career paths. With intentionally interdisciplinary perspectives, the basic co...

Sales Millionaires: Industry Tales and Life Lessons from Those Who Made It for Higher Education including Assessment

Author(s): Brandon Chicotsky

What would you do if you could learn from some of the best sellers in the world? In this book, Dr. Brandon Chicotsky, assistant professor of professional practice in marketing at the Texas Christian University (TCU) Neely School of Business, has gathered stories and advice for rising sales professio...