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The Student-Run Agency: Transitioning from Student to Professional

Author(s): Lee Bush, Jeffrey Ranta, Harold Vincent

New Publication Now Available! Student-run advertising, public relations and integrated communications agencies mimic the structure of professional agencies, and provide students with real-world experience working for real clients. Student agency members are unique in that they are still learning...

Practically Magic: A Guide to Electrical and Computer Engineering

Author(s): Aaron Hawkins, Stephen Schultz, Gregory Nordin

Practically Magic summarizes all of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) using an easily readable format. This text was designed for freshmen who are interested in pursuing a math/science/engineering major and those who are willing to consider Electrical and Computer Engineering. Each chapter p...

The Technical Communications Companion: A Reference Guide & Workbook

Author(s): Ronald Rogers, Melanie Parrish

The Technical Communications Companion: A Reference Guide & Workbook was designed as a supplement to collegiate level Technical Communications courses. It demonstrates contemporary examples and visual references of written, electronic, and presentation documents common to the job hunt and work place...

Responsible Living in a Bottled Water World

Author(s): Marion Schafer

This book is primarily about responsible living in a bottled water world. Intended as a text for the Foundational Studies course on ethics and social responsibility, the focus here is on environmental concerns of packaging. , basic_html

Rhythms for Natural Highs

Author(s): Lon H Seiger, LIANA DAVIS

The main goal for Rhythms for Natural Highs is to inform and empower students to engage in an active, healthy lifestyle free from drug dependence. The rewards are abundant for those who can find the will and passion to plan for and engage in natural highs and not chemical/artificial highs. Featur...

A Handbook of Practical Grammar for Public Communications, Preliminary Edition

Author(s): Roy Terry

A Handbook of Practical Grammar for Public Communications emphasizes both the forms and functions of grammatical elements. The ability to analyze one’s own writing depends, in large measure, upon the ability to identify how a word or word group is functioning. Two similar forms may not be functionin...