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Accounting Basics: A Survival Guide for Students

Author(s): Tracey Niemotko

The study of accounting is cumulative. If accounting students do not master basic journal entry preparation from the beginning of their coursework, they are often overwhelmed for the entire semester. In Accounting Basics: A Survival Guide for Students, basic accounting concepts are explained step-by...

Jazz Strides

Author(s): Lewis Rosengarten

Derived from years of teaching in the classroom and online, Dr. Lewis Rosengarten's Jazz Strides offers a refreshingly succinct yet thorough presentation of the struggles, styles and achievements in Jazz in a series of twelve essential concise chapters. The history of Jazz, including the latest era,...

Introduction to Human Communication

Author(s): Jenna Abetz

The first edition of this book is for students to begin to see the fundamental role of communication in daily life. For decades, communication scholars have illustrated the myriad ways in which the quality of our communication is interwoven with the quality of our lives. As students begin their acad...

Cine-Mexicans: An Introduction to Chicano Cinema

Author(s): Roberto Avant-Mier, Michael Lechuga

Cine-Mexicans is about the cinematic representations of "Mexicans" in US American film. By tracking the history of cinematic representations of "Mexicans" in the US, Cine-Mexicans also tracks the notable developments in the Chicano/ a experience and comments on the relationship between the USA and M...

Stress Management: A Guide to a Healthier Life

Author(s): Craig Rand

Stress Management: A Guide to a Healthier Life looks at stress which has been linked to between 60-75% of illness and disease in this country. The focus is two fold—to examine stress using the components of wellness and trying to have the reader try new techniques through an experiential and interac...


Author(s): Carla Rae Johnson, Laurie Steinhorst

Being able to see is a prerequisite to drawing. Learning to see requires people to move past assumptions, drawing what they see and not what they think you see. Although this may seem like a simple concept, it can prove to be one of the more difficult challenges for the beginner. Beginning students ...