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General Chemistry Laboratories: A Freshman Workbook

Author(s): Simon G Bott, Russell A Geanangel, Vladimir Zaitsev

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Philosophy Born of Struggle: Anthology of Afro-American Philosophy From 1917

Author(s): Leonard Harris

Philosophy Born of Struggle – Afro-American Philosophy from 1917, Third Edition, features philosophic foundations.  Voices that express competing ideas about the nature of religion, social activism, humanism, culture, race, identity, dignity and values.  Thus, the sections’ Meta- philosophy, Politic...

Backflow Prevention: Theory and Practice

Author(s): University Of (Treeo) Florida

Backflow Prevention: Theory and Practice​ is a comprehensive education in the fundamentals of backflow that serves as both textbook and reference manual for working with potable and non-potable water supply systems. Chapters include coverage of the essentials of backflow and an exploration of the as...

Studying Dance Cultures around the World: An Introduction to Multicultural Dance Education

Author(s): Pegge Vissicaro

  STUDYING DANCE CULTURES AROUND THE WORLD offers the first and most comprehensive framework for studying dance cultures in diverse geographic areas and historical time periods. It is designed exclusively for college courses pertaining to multicultural dance education, and includes discussion que...

Career Planning Strategies: Hire Me!

Author(s): C Randall Powell

 eBook Version You will receive access to this electronic text via email after using the shopping cart above to complete your purchase.  Career Planning Strategies is designed to be used by anyone looking to enter into a new career or job field. This text will help students discover career happin...

Kinesiological Bases for Exercise and Sport

Author(s): Danny Too, Christopher Williams

The purpose of Kinesiological Bases for Exercise and Sport is to present an anatomical foundation for the analysis of human movement and how muscle forces involved in facilitating or inhibiting movement are modified. The first part of the book deals with anatomical structures, reference frames in...

Cell Biology and Chemistry for Allied Health Science

Author(s): Frederic Ross

Cell Biology and Chemistry for Allied Health Science, Sixth Edition, by Frederick C. Ross, is designed to provide the science background in chemical and biological principles that is a prerequisite to anatomy and physiology courses. Your students will find that Cell Biology and Chemistry for Allied ...