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  • Humanities Across the Arts

    Author(s): Stephen Husarik

    Humanities Across the Arts is organized around two approaches to the Humanities, a structural approach and a case study approach. The first half of the title uses the structural approach to define and identify the techniques of various art forms using critical terminology; the second half presents a series of case studies in chronological order that present cultural close-ups.  The publication is interactive by fusing video examples, audio examples, assessments, and grade books that can be implemented to any LMS.

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  • Introduction to Ethnic Studies: A New Approach

    Author(s): Wayne Allen, Kebba Darboe

    This book gives students a brief introduction to the discipline of Ethnic Studies, its history, theories, methods and application to real world problems. It starts with a brief historical overview of this relatively new academic discipline and explores some basic definitions and concepts, along with particular theoretical approaches that demarcate the discipline in comparison to other neighboring fields in the social sciences.

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