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A Constant Struggle: Documents and Readings in African American History to 1865, Volume 1

Author(s): Yohuru R Williams, Tamara Brown, Dr. Roger Davidson

A Constant Struggle: Documents and Readings in African American History volumes provide essential primary source documents and informative essays for the study of African American history from its African origins to contemporary times. The volumes assist in building critical thinking skills for the ...

How Do You Know? Using Math to Make Decisions

Author(s): Holly Hirst, James R Smith

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Employee Development at the Workplace: Achieving Empowerment in a Continuous Learning Environment

Author(s): Edward Woods

Employee Development at the Workplace describes the communication characteristics employees need to acquire for career success.  The main ideas that power this text are simple, but of great value to students. Employee Development at the Workplace advocates that readers engage in behaviors and practi...

A Teachable Moment: A Facilitator's Guide to Activities for Processing, Debriefing, Reviewing and Reflection

Author(s): James Cain, Michelle Cummings, Jennifer Stanchfield

If you need to know "what comes after the teambuilding activity?" this book is for you!  Jim Cain, Michelle Cummings and Jennifer Stanchfield have collectively been active in adventure-based and active learning programs for almost a century. From their extensive facilitation background, here are th...