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Cost Control in the Hospitality Industry

Author(s): Agnes DeFranco, John Walker, Christopher John M. Walker

There is a difference between cost control and successful cost control. Cost Control in the Hospitality Industry takes a deep dive into the subject to illustrate that a mere balance of input and output isn’t enough – just as important is the use of products and services for their intended purpose...

Hospitality Financial Management and Contextualized Decision Making

Author(s): Nan Hua, Barry Bloom, Agnes DeFranco, Toni Repetti, Twila Mae Logan, Dipendra Mann, Peng Liu, Prashant Das, Arun Upneja

This textbook encompasses four parts, introducing finance theories and contextualized decision making with a clear articulation as to how, individually and collectively, they are shaping the future of hospitality financial management. Part I sets the foundation of hospitality financial management by...