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Contemporary Communication Theory

Author(s): Dominic Infante, Andrew S Rancer, Theodore A Avtgis, Erina L. MacGeorge

Striking a balance in coverage between the extremes of analyzing too many or too few theories, Contemporary Communication Theory examines important theory building activity in the field of communication. The text continues the tradition of being primarily social science based yet includes research a...

Organizational Communication: Strategies for Success

Author(s): Theodore Avtgis, Corey Liberman, Andrew S Rancer

Organizational Communication: Strategies for Success is theoretically-enhanced through the application of traditional organizational communication theory fused with real-world practical applications. Authors Theodore Avtgis, Andrew Rancer, and Corey Liberman have created an innovative organizational...

Casing Communication Theory

Author(s): Corey Liberman, Andrew S Rancer, Theodore A Avtgis

Casing Communication Theory exposes readers to some of the most cited, most prolific, most important theories within the dynamic field of communication.  The edited collection features 24 case studies that analyze communication theories in different contexts.   Casing Communication Theory, edited...

Organizational Communication: Strategies for Success

Author(s): Stephen Spates, Theodore A Avtgis, Shawn Wahl, Andrew S Rancer

New Third Edition Now Available!The focus of Organizational Communicaiton: Strategies for Success is theory and relevant skills orientation, serving those who study relevant organizational theory as well as those developing the necessary skillsets required for conducting communication training, asse...