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Anthropology of Indigenous Religions

Author(s): Arnaud Lambert

The second edition of the Anthropology of Indigenous religions continues to offer a novel introduction to the ways that anthropologists investigate indigenous religions. The anthropological approach to the study of religion can be viewed as a series of exchanges and debates spanning almost two centu...

Humans Unmasked: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Author(s): Arnaud Lambert

Humans Unmasked is intended to provide students with an engaging introduction to the discipline of cultural anthropology as a distinct way to understand people in societies around the world and why they do the things they do. Students will explore how people make a living in very different (sometime...

Indigenous Religions of the World

Author(s): Arnaud Lambert

Spirits, sorcery, and shamanism have long captured the imagination of anthropologists and the general public. Over the last century and a half, ethnographic studies of indigenous religions have profoundly changed our ideas about the nature of human religiosity. This book is intended to introduce ...