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Grammar Without the Teacher

Author(s): Brian Altano

Grammar Without the Teacher comprises a technique that uses a ‘flipped classroom’ or reverse instruction as a method to enhance the learning of English grammar. However, instead of utilizing video, as many flipped classrooms do, I have had a web-enhanced course devised and constructed thirty-two ten...

Testing Academic Reading

Author(s): Brian Altano

Testing Academic Reading 2nd edition is a ready resource for language learners who are faced with a myriad of reading tests in their classes, whether ESL or college-level. The book can be used in combination with any reading skill or reading development text. This testing book offers cloze readings,...

Reading Theme and Skills: A Skills-Based American Culture Reader

Author(s): Brian Altano

Reading Themes and Skills 2nd edition introduces fascinating elements of American culture. Topics range from Halloween to the Super Bowl, and also include college dining halls, leftovers, fast food, tailgating, American clothes styles, Ghosts in the White House, and the Vortex in Sedona, Arizona, an...