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Scientific Writing: Tools & Techniques

Author(s): Cheryl Rock

Career success in the sciences is built on excellent written communication whether within papers, proposals, or laboratory reports.  However, where does the process begin? Moreover, what exactly is required? Additionally, what tools are needed to accomplish scientific writing goals? It starts here! ...

Franken Food: Fact or Science-Fiction

Author(s): Cheryl Rock

Franken Food: Fact or Science Fiction is a textbook that addresses how the US population is constantly bombarded with conflicting and ambiguous information about issues such as health claims, ingredient avoidance, processed food, food additives, hormones and genetically modified organisms (GMO) as w...

Rumbullion: A Historic, Cultural and Scientific Aspect of Barbados Rum

Author(s): Cheryl Rock, Elizabeth Metzger

This book highlights four aspects of Barbados which are the following: major historical figures, distinct geographical features, rum production, and rum celebration.  Who are the major figures in the rum economy? Barbados has a plethora of famous historical figures. For example, Sir John Gay A...