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Foundations of Marketing Practice: An Applied Approach

Author(s): KENNETH THOMPSON, David Strutton

You engage perpetually in marketing. Regardless of what you do or eventually do for a living or with your life, you are a marketer.Do you want more power, influence, and success; all the result of your own ethically and socially responsible behaviors, of course?Your ability or lack of ability to mar...

Marketing, from Scratch: The Inside Skinny

Author(s): David Strutton, KENNETH THOMPSON

In some way, we are all trying to sell ourselves for the better. Marketing from Scratch: The Inside Skinny explains that everyone is a marketer and provides insight on how marketing is truly everywhere and shares how marketing is everything. It states how nothing happens until someone sells somet...

Professional and Personal Branding from Scratch: Historical Recipes for Winning a Brand New Power Game

Author(s): KENNETH THOMPSON, David Strutton

Professional Branding, from Scratch delivers difference-making value for soon-to begin professionals, soon-to-retire professionals, and people performing at any professional stage in-between. The professional branding principles and insights presented below are universal in nature. These principles ...