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Teambuilding with Index Cards

Author(s): James Cain

Here are one hundred and eighty simple, valuable, engaging, effective and just plain fun activities that you can create using index cards, markers and a few simple props.  If your next training, team building, classroom or corporate event requires some amazing activities with limited props or wit...

Teambuilding Puzzles

Author(s): James Cain, Mike Anderson, Chris Cavert, Tom Heck

For centuries, puzzles have fascinated audiences all over the world. Here are a century's worth of puzzles, over one hundred in all, from four teambuilding experts with collectively more than one hundred years' worth of experience. Learn how to use puzzles and challenging activities for building cre...

Essential Staff Training Activities

Author(s): James Cain, David Knobbe, Clare Marie Hannon

This book is a perfect resource for anyone that needs to effectively prepare and train their staff. These activities reinforce basic components of your staff training with subject matter ranging from leadership and teamwork to character, decision making, creative problem solving, communication and t...

The Revised and Expanded Book of Raccoon Circles

Author(s): James Cain, Thomas E Smith

Raccoon Circles are without a doubt one of the most versatile teambuilding props of all time. Ounce for ounce, you can lead more team activities with a Raccoon Circle than any other single piece of teambuilding equipment. This book contains over 200 team challenges, games, activities, stories, commu...

A Teachable Moment: A Facilitator's Guide to Activities for Processing, Debriefing, Reviewing and Reflection

Author(s): James Cain, Michelle Cummings, Jennifer Stanchfield

If you need to know "what comes after the teambuilding activity?" this book is for you!  Jim Cain, Michelle Cummings and Jennifer Stanchfield have collectively been active in adventure-based and active learning programs for almost a century. From their extensive facilitation background, here are th...