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Introduction to the World of Business

Author(s): John E. Mago, Jill Friestad-Tate

Regardless of discipline, individuals function in the business world on a daily basis, and therefore, need to understand how business works and how it applies to oneself.Introduction to the World of Business is an introductory business textbook designed with students and instructors in mind. It cove...

Case Studies: Practical Applications in Critical Thinking

Author(s): John E. Mago

Finally, a case studies book that students can apply critical thinking skills to respond to questions. The cases are written so the student gathers limited information to formulate rational responses that demonstrate their abilities to use critical thinking to resolve business issues. Students...

Inventory of Self Assessments: A Guide to Understanding You

Author(s): John E. Mago

Inventory of Self Assessments: A Guide to Understanding You: knows that who you are and understanding your situational tendencies are very important. Why? Well, if you understand yourself, you can more easily identify how a situation is going to play out on your end. Past and present studies have sh...