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Content Area Literacy

Author(s): Jerry Johns, Paula Di Domenico, Rachel Lesinski-Roscoe

Content Area Literacy: Toolkit of Disciplinary Strategies for Middle and High School considers various professionals who may find its content useful:professors teaching a content area or disciplinary literacy coursemiddle and high school teachers working directly with students literacy and instructi...

A Criminological Guide and Theoretical Analysis of Serial Killers and Infamous Murders

Author(s): John Paul, Michael Birzer, Robert Holland

Much of the general public’s knowledge of serial killers is a product of sensationalized and stereotypical presentations in the media. It’s time to break free of what we think we know and draw our information from factual analysis.Serial Killers provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of...

Sport Sociology: 10 Questions

Author(s): John Paul, Mark Vermillion

Ignite Classroom Discussion “Right Off The Bat” Sport Sociology: 10 Questions fuses sociological theories and concepts (mirrored with experiences from athletes and scholars of sport) to give students an applicable skill in applying the sociological imagination to classic and contemporary events o...

Engaging the Sociological Imagination: An Invitation for the Twenty-First Century

Author(s): John Curra, Paul Paolucci

When Albert Einstein said that "imagination is more important than knowledge," he proposed that humans are capable of knowing more and more while understanding less and less. This is certainly true for our times, where information comes quicker than ever before. Today, sociologists task themselves w...