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Exploring the Nature of Creativity

Author(s): Jon Michael Fox, Ronni Lea Fox

Exploring the Nature of Creativity provides an introduction to creativity for the curious, the uninitiated, the students of beginning classes, and all other interested persons beginning their inquiry into the field of creativity research. Conversational knowledge is not easily gleaned from formal re...

Communication Training & Development: Exploring the Cutting Edge

Author(s): Sakile Camara, Mark Orbe, Sidney Kozhi Makai, Lea Gilinets, Rodney Reynolds, Vince Cyboran, Denis Collins, Morgan Jones, Orlando Jr Blake, Patricia Burnett, Kathy Beasley, Sally Fox, Raymonda Burgman, Margaret Baker, Michael Zirulnik, Kathleen Iverson, Leigh Ann Howard, Paul Archer, Bridget Sampson, Alica Boards, Stephanie Sanders, J. Lynn Reynolds, Daniel Lawrence, Serena Santillanes

Communication Training & Development: Exploring the Cutting Edge presents a progressive look at training from multiple perspectives including scholars in the field and practitioners. This book also provides an interesting, practical discussion of the interrelationship between communication and the f...