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Introduction to Mediated Communication: Social Media and Beyond

Author(s): David Keith Westerman, Nicholas David Bowman, Kenneth A Lachlan

Computers allow us to do things today that were barely dreamed of 60 years ago. Today, computers and networks provide us a personal space in which we can share our innermost thoughts and feelings on a large network with others. Introduction to Mediated Communication explains and discusses mediat...

Risk & Crisis Communication: Communicating in a Disruptive Age

Author(s): Kenneth A Lachlan, Patric Spence, Corey Liberman, Theodore Avtgis

Risks are all around us. From catastrophic weather events to gun violence, from infrastructure failings to financial devastation…we live with the threat of risk every day. How do we get those who are at risk, or who have already been impacted by crisis, to do what they need to do to minimize the ris...

Straight Talk About Communication Research Methods

Author(s): Christine S Davis, Kenneth A Lachlan

Researchers are like detectives. Both are trying to find something out. Both are asking and answering questions. Both are trying to put together a puzzle to come up with a solution. In both, answering questions leads to more questions. And, in both, seeing patterns is crucial to solving the puzzle. ...