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Foundations of a Biblical Worldview

Author(s): Kevin Rawls, Kristen Hark, Brandon Aronson

Foundations of a Biblical Worldview serves as an introductory text to the topic of worldview and how worldview can be interpreted in light of the Bible. By drawing on a philosophical model that identifies the various constructs that form any worldview, this text describes the ways in which the Bibli...

Research Across the Disciplines: An Introduction

Author(s): Kristen Hark

New Publication Now Available! Doing research is like being a detective. Both researchers and detectives are trying to find out something. Both are asking and answering questions. Both are trying to put together a puzzle to come up with a solution. In both, answering questions leads to more quest...

Biblical Worldview Indicator

Author(s): Kevin Rawls, Kristen Hark

How does your school assess Biblical Worldview? Trying to determine the best method to assess Biblical Worldview can be a challenge, as there are a host of ideas and opinions on the topic. The Biblical Worldview Indicator (BWVI) cuts through some of the confusion to offer a clear model of Biblica...