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Teaching Reading and Writing PreK-3: A Practical Approach

Author(s): Jerry Johns, Susan Lenski, Laurie Elish-Piper, Roya Qualls Scales

Effective literacy instruction lies at the intersection of theory and practice. But how does one combine these principles to design and implement effective reading and writing lessons that are accessible, engaging, and practical? Teaching Reading and Writing PreK-3 provides preservice teachers wi...

Basic Reading Inventory: Kindergarten through Grade Twelve and Early Literacy Assessments

Author(s): Jerry Johns, Laurie Elish-Piper, BETH JOHNS

Basic Reading Inventory provided valuable information that other district and state tests did not. Thank you for making this test available to our students!” Dr. Linda J. Button, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs  "I use Jerry Johns’ Basic Reading Inventory because I can assess any K-12 stud...

Teaching Reading Pre-K to Grade 3 w/CD-ROM

Author(s): Jerry Johns, Susan Lenski, Laurie Elish-Piper

This book broadens the scope of teaching and assessment strategies critical for addressing a wide range of abilities of children in Pre-K to Grade 3. This edition provides teachers with research-based, practical teaching and assessment strategies to support the reading development of all children in...