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Rhythms for Natural Highs

Author(s): Lon H Seiger, LIANA DAVIS

The main goal for Rhythms for Natural Highs is to inform and empower students to engage in an active, healthy lifestyle free from drug dependence. The rewards are abundant for those who can find the will and passion to plan for and engage in natural highs and not chemical/artificial highs. Featur...

Building i-Leaders and i-Teams through Adventure Activities

Author(s): Lon H Seiger

Building i-Leaders and i-Teams through Adventure Activities demonstrates how students can become effective leaders by becoming aware of the value of strong character in leading others. Written in a concise, clear, and friendly-reader style, the publication offers write-in-journals to deepen the lear...

Walking for Fitness

Author(s): Lon H Seiger, James L Hesson

eBook Version You will receive access to this electronic text via email after using the shopping cart above to complete your purchase. New 6th Now Available!Each day of our lives we make choices - whether consciously or not - about our health. These choices have a cumulative effect, and over time...