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Technology-Infused Math Instruction: Teaching Outside the Box - Grades K-12

Author(s): Patricia Dickenson, Lorelei Coddington

In today's mathematics classroom, teachers must ensure that all students understand conceptually and can demonstrate the required skills based on their development. Technology-Infused Math Instruction: Teaching Outside the Box provides guidance in leveraging five essential research-based pedagogies ...

Biblical Integration Models for Education

Author(s): June Hetzel, Lorelei Coddington, Nicholas Block, Dennis Eastman, Tim Stranske, Luciano Cid, Jenna Canillas

As an educator in public, private, mission, or homeschool settings, have you ever asked yourself the following questions:How do I integrate biblical content within my subject matter?How do I ensure that my students have a biblical foundation?How can I think about my work as a teacher through a frame...