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Open for Business: Fundamentals for Today's Business

Author(s): MARK JACOBS, Sherryl L Berg-Ridenour, Jonathan Opata, David Walker, Corinne Bodeman

Open For Business: Fundamentals for Today’s Business is written by educators with both corporate and academic experience.  This introductory level business textbook provides all of the necessary information in an easy to read and retainable format. Written in an easy to read format, Open For Busi...

Introduction to Operations Management

Author(s): MARK JACOBS, JAMES BEAU KEYTE, Michael F. Gorman, Peter G Wagner

Operations Management is structured with subject matter content first which is introduced through a scenario in which the student might be either familiar or could see themselves as protagonist, followed by a group of integrative scenarios that can be used as mini-cases to drive learning from severa...