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Earth Science Lab Investigations: Geology, Oceanography & Meteorology

Author(s): Thomas Williams, Thomas Breuner, David Gilhousen, Stephen Underwood, Mark A Tinsley, Marcus Ross

Earth Science Lab Investigations: Geology, Oceanography & Meteorology provides a hands-on laboratory experience for introductory earth-science students. This manual/kit package offers a full-range of earth-science topics to include lab exercises in geology, oceanography, and meteorology. It is also ...

The Heavens & The Earth: Excursions in Earth and Space Science

Author(s): Danny R Faulkner, Steven M Gollmer, John H Whitmore, Marcus Ross, Marcus R Ross

New Edition Coming Summer '24!Thoroughly Biblical and committed to solid science, The Heavens and the Earth is a groundbreaking textbook that advocates a robust young-Earth creationism while also respectfully presenting naturalistic views of history. The content surveys widely across disciplines to ...