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Module 1: Test Preparation

Author(s): Melanie Clarke

The Global Leadership Set of Modules enables you to become a global leader who will be able to move and lead in many different environments. All three modules are powerful tools that will help you to succeed in any environment. Module 1 is a “test preparation” experience that gives you the tools to ...

Module 3: Global Leadership Experience

Author(s): Melanie Clarke

This Module is the main module of the series. It is a powerful class experience that brings in key resources necessary for you to attain the highest levels of global leadership. The jobs of today require individuals to move between borders and to move “between cultures.” According to world class exp...

Module 2: Assessment of Global Competencies

Author(s): Melanie Clarke

The Global Leadership Online Program: the most powerful global leadership preparation that will enable you to be an outstanding influencer  who can excel in academic, non-profit, and corporate environments. The International Assessment Test is designed for you to see where you rate on a six level...