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Communication Ethics Literacy: Dialogue and Difference

Author(s): Janie Fritz, Leeanne McManus, Michael Kearney

Communication ethics is imperative in the 21st century as the prevalence of conflicting opinions endangers successful, respectful communication. Utilizing a dialogic approach to ethical communication, Communication Ethics Literacy: Dialogue & Difference provides a timely review of classic communicat...

Introduction to Western Concert Music

Author(s): Armand Ambrosini, Michael Lee

New Third Edition Coming Soon!Introduction to Western Concert Music connects the music of a particular time and place within the scope of the ideas and beliefs circulating in that time and place. By illustrating such connections, readers come to an understanding of music as a social as well as sonic...

Beginning Astronomy Laboratory: A Hands-On Laboratory Course in Basic Astronomy

Author(s): Michael Lee Frey

Beginning Astronomy Laboratory courses can be difficult for students to learn and it is imperative that the instructor is prepared with the right pedagogy for teaching the material found in each laboratory exercise.Beginning Astronomy Laboratory: A Hands-On Laboratory Course in Basic Astronomy has b...

Global Compass: Morality and Ethics

Author(s): Michael Lees

Questions concerning morality, ethics, and the human experience are found in cultures and societies from around the world. Throughout time and space philosophers and thinkers have asked: Who decides what is right and wrong? What is right and wrong? When is the right way to act? Where do ...

Religions of the World: Spirituality & Practice

Author(s): Michael Lees

Human beings have traditionally turned towards religion during times of extreme stress and uncertainty very similar to our present day. Religions proffer leading a life of spirituality and practice as being transformative for ourselves, communities and the planet. Religions of the World: Spiritualit...

Communication Training & Development: Exploring the Cutting Edge

Author(s): Sakile Camara, Mark Orbe, Sidney Kozhi Makai, Lea Gilinets, Rodney Reynolds, Vince Cyboran, Denis Collins, Morgan Jones, Orlando Jr Blake, Patricia Burnett, Kathy Beasley, Sally Fox, Raymonda Burgman, Margaret Baker, Michael Zirulnik, Kathleen Iverson, Leigh Ann Howard, Paul Archer, Bridget Sampson, Alica Boards, Stephanie Sanders, J. Lynn Reynolds, Daniel Lawrence, Serena Santillanes

Communication Training & Development: Exploring the Cutting Edge presents a progressive look at training from multiple perspectives including scholars in the field and practitioners. This book also provides an interesting, practical discussion of the interrelationship between communication and the f...