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The Victimology Handbook

Author(s): Jeffrey Len Schwartz, Michael Virga, Stanley Yeldell

The Victimology Handbook prepares the student with a foundation of knowledge to initiate an understanding of the world that exists for victims of crime, and how criminal justice practitioners seek to provide assistance to this vulnerable, distressed population.This handbook continues to serve in its...

Doing the Transcultural Thing: Explorations in Living in the United States

Author(s): Michael W. Schwartz

Whether we are aware of it or not, every utterance we produce is an expression of who we are as individuals and what we believe. When we begin the process of learning an additional language, we are not only learning a new linguistic code (basic vocabulary and structures) that allow us to ask for dir...

The Invariable Evolution: Police Use of Force in America

Author(s): Jeffrey Len Schwartz, Michael Virga

A challenging and controversial topic, police use of force, covered in a way to explain the “why” in a straightforward and unbiased manner. This book explores the aspects of police use of force in the United States. The text provides a framework to understand the controversies surrounding the evo...