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Ethics in the Criminal Justice System

Author(s): Scott H. Belshaw, Peter Johnstone, Lee DeBoer

Ethics in the Criminal Justice System explores ideas and information in and around ethical decision making as it pertains to criminal justice. As an edited volume, Ethics in the Criminal Justice System features contributing authors who have provided a varied and challenging palette of offerings from...

Criminal Investigations Theory and Practice

Author(s): Robert B. Wall, Peter Johnstone

Criminal Investigation: Theory and Practice is a new and novel approach to the science of criminal investigations.  The text is divided into three modules:Module 1(Chapters 1-6) present the basics of criminal investigation. The module includes crime scene processing, the initial response and crime s...

Drugs and Drug Trafficking

Author(s): Peter Johnstone

Drugs and Drug Trafficking is a practical informed approach towards a complex topic that will provide a framework for further, stimulating and vigorous classroom discussion. It has been updated with more recent reports than the previous editions. Drugs and Drug Trafficking: Is effective! Ev...

Let's Talk Criminal Justice

Author(s): Peter Johnstone

Let’s Talk Criminal Justice provides students with study aids and a bank of questions drawn from the material in each chapter. Let’s Talk Criminal Justice covers: a history of policing crime police recruitment prison probation and parole and more!   , basic_html

Getting Away With Murder: Criminal Clerics in Late Medieval England

Author(s): Peter Johnstone

During the fourth century Roman emperor Constantine created laws exempting clergymen who committed a felony from having to answer for their actions before a secular court. This set about 1500 years of use and abuse of what became known as Benefit of Clergy. The unusual legal excuse traveled to Engla...

Managing Campus Safety and Security in Higher Education

Author(s): J. Eric Coleman, Peter Johnstone

The tragedies that have occurred on college campuses across the nation have been increasing the last decade. Taking this into consideration, Managing Campus Safety and Security in Higher Education provides a commentary from some of the leading campus public safety experts in hopes to promote a be...

Crime and Policing Crime

Author(s): Peter Johnstone

According to the National Law enforcement Officers Fund, there are more than 900,000 police officers in the United States. Crime and Policing Crime covers four types of crime: assaults, missing persons, theft offences, and drug offences. It also covers the different types of police officers, such...