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Comprehension and Vocabulary Strategies for the Elementary Grades w/ CD ROM

Author(s): Jerry Johns, Susan Lenski, Roberta L. Berglund

Each of the 44+ research-based strategies in this book is presented step-by-step with the description, teaching goals, procedures, and student reproducibles. A quick reference guide helps educators find the specific are they wish to target, and then notes when, why, and how to use that strategy in t...

Essential Comprehension Strategies for the Intermediate Grades

Author(s): Jerry Johns, Susan Lenski, Roberta L. Berglund

View the Reading Resources Catalog This new book presents comprehension strategies that have utility in reading, as well as other areas of the curriculum. All of the materials necessary for implementing each of the 23 strategies are includes, as well as examples of how the strategy might be used ...

Fluency: Questions, Answers, and Evidence-Based Strategies

Author(s): Patricia Smith, Melanie Walski, Jerry Johns, Roberta L. Berglund

Are you trying to help your students become more fluent readers?Are you doing progress monitoring? Do you think that differentiating fluency interventions can help you respond to individual differences among your students?Help is on the way. This easy to use resource is written with teachers in mind...