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The Need for Weed: Marijuana Policy and Public Politics in the Criminal Justice System

Author(s): Kellie A. Wallace, Scott H. Belshaw, Jared R. Dmello

Cannabis is everywhere! Whether you call it weed, pot, or marijuana, cannabis by any other name is still cannabis. From your stereotypical street drug dealer to medical cannabis dispensaries to courtrooms across America, we cannot escape the hot buzz that is weed. While it may be hot, it is nothing ...

Cyber Security Essentials: Understanding Risk and Controls

Author(s): Scott H. Belshaw, Ben Allen CISM CRISC

Since the 1990's, the internet has transformed business by enabling the collection, analysis, and almost instantaneous transmission of data. It has also transformed crime. The demand for 24-hour online access to databases and information has created unprecedented opportunities for unethical people. ...

The Dark Web: Unfiltered

Author(s): Scott H. Belshaw

In The Dark Web: Unfiltered, Dr. Scott Belshaw takes you into an online world that very few have encountered. This book serves as a proverbial travel guide into the sick and twisted side of the dark web, including hidden coves for illegal activity. These areas include the dark web drug scene, hiring...

Criminal Justice

Author(s): Scott H. Belshaw, Lee DeBoer

Criminal Justice introduces the many facets of the U.S. criminal justice system in a logical, readily understandable manner. The reader will understand the complexity of the criminal justice system from the start of the process to the end, recognize controversies, and examine the breadth of the chal...

Ethics in the Criminal Justice System

Author(s): Scott H. Belshaw, Peter Johnstone, Lee DeBoer

Ethics in the Criminal Justice System explores ideas and information in and around ethical decision making as it pertains to criminal justice. As an edited volume, Ethics in the Criminal Justice System features contributing authors who have provided a varied and challenging palette of offerings from...