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Public Speaking: Essentials for Excellence

Author(s): Shawn Wahl, LeAnn Brazeal, Mark Butland

By providing students theory and practical skills, Public Speaking: Essentials for Excellence prepares students to become effective public speakers in various speaking situations they may encounter in their lives (business presentations, tributes, eulogies, commencement addresses, small group, and m...

Intercultural Communication in Your Life

Author(s): Shawn Wahl, Jake Simmons, Jeffrey McCune, Jr.

Where groups of people gather, there is always an elephant in the room: difference.  Elephants are remarkable, complex creatures which take up much space. Likewise, matters of race, culture, and difference require creative and complicated conversations—which moves us beyond “we are all alike” or ...

Public Relations Principles: Strategies for Professional Success

Author(s): Shawn Wahl, Michelle Maresh-Fuehrer

Every successful business utilizes good public relations with the media to maintain a positive public opinion. Designed as a core textbook for introductory public relations courses, Public Relations Principles: Strategies for Professional Success provides students with a solid foundation in publi...

Nonverbal Communication for a Lifetime

Author(s): Diana K. Ivy, Shawn Wahl

Designed to fuse a unique balance of theory and application, Nonverbal Communication for a Lifetime translates academic material based on sound research and theory into meaningful applications for the reader to utilize throughout life.The publication extends learning activities by including What Wou...

Organizational Communication: Strategies for Success

Author(s): Stephen Spates, Theodore A Avtgis, Shawn Wahl, Andrew S Rancer

New Third Edition Now Available!The focus of Organizational Communicaiton: Strategies for Success is theory and relevant skills orientation, serving those who study relevant organizational theory as well as those developing the necessary skillsets required for conducting communication training, asse...