Banishing Math Anxiety

Author(s): Shiela Tobias, Victor Piercey

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 77

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All students can do math…Banishing Math Anxiety eases the reader into college mathematics.

Designed for students who may have given up on learning math, Banishing Math Anxiety provides a fresh start to learning by reviewing concepts/skills the reader may have already learned to experience some success. Your students can conquer a feeling of helplessness when facing a math course with the many practical strategies suggested by this encouraging book.  Building Confidence!

Written in concise easily understood chapters and designed to be used in conjunction with your existing textbook, Banishing Math Anxiety:

  • Is Valuable! The affordable eBook publication encourages active learning by asking questions in addition to being issue oriented: using resources, deciphering notation, and mathematics appreciation.
  • Is Easy to Adopt!  Instructors are provided with instructional support to easily append their course material with this inexpensive and proven resource.
  • Is Flexible! The eBook supplements any existing textbooks in Developmental Math, College Algebra, Statistics, or Quantitative Reasoning courses.
  • Reinforces Math in the Real World! The eBook presents real world applications of math such as feeding a family in a food desert, managing debt, math applications on the job, taxes, and more.
  • Encourages creative exploration instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.


About the Authors
How to Use This Book

Chapter One: Math Anxiety
Where Does Math Anxiety Come From?
How Does Math Anxiety Stop You from Succeeding?
How Do You Keep Working?

Chapter Two: Deciphering the Code
Understanding Notation
Using the Code

Chapter Three: The Art of Noticing
What Do You Notice? What Do You Wonder?
Reading Graphs
Math as Power and Math as Beauty

Chapter Four: Problem-Solving Strategies
A Typical Problem: When Does Solar Power Pay for Itself?
The Fine Art of Problem Solving

Chapter Five: Problem-Solving Techniques
Divided-Page Problem Solving
Problem Solving for Online Homework
Problem Solving on Tests

Chapter Six: You Have More Resources Than You Know!
Online Textbook Resources
Online Tools: Wikipedia, WolframAlpha, and Khan Academy
Online Tools Used by Professionals
Khan Academy
Human Resources
Your Instructor
Your Classmates
Developing Yourself as a Resource

Chapter Seven: Studying for Exams
How Your Teachers See an Exam
Using Your Textbook to Prepare for Exams
Studying in a Group
Who Should I Study with?
Ground Rules: How Do We Work Together without an Instructor Supervising Our Work?
John, Joan, Susan, Marco: An Example Study Group
Memory and Test-Taking Tips

Chapter Eight: Algebra Empowered: Functions
The Rule of Four
A Verbal Description
A Numerical Description
An Algebraic Description
A Graphical Description
Using the Rule of Four for Functions
Algebra Empowered, You Empowered

Chapter Nine: Algebra Empowered: Graphs
Graphing Functions
Comparing Situations
Algebra Empowered

Chapter Ten: Tools of the Trade
Calculator Anxiety
Playing with Your Graphing Calculator
Exploration 1: What Causes Some Lines to Be Steeper Than Others?
Exploration 2: What Happens If You Try to Divide 1 by 0?
Beyond Graphing Calculators and Spreadsheets
Mastering the Tools of the Trade

Chapter Eleven: From School Mathematics to the Workplace
Using Mathematics on the Job
Managing Debt
Understanding the Income Tax System


Shiela Tobias

Sheila Tobias has made an art and a science of being an outsider to science and mathematics, where hers is a household name for the books, Overcoming Math Anxiety, They're not Dumb, They're Different, Breaking the Science Barrier, and Rethinking Science as a Career

Tobias is equally well known in academic and popular circles as a feminist and for her books, Women, Militarism and War (with Jean Elshtain) and Faces of Feminism: An Activist's Reflections on the Women's Movement.

Supported by the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Research Corporation, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, her work has made her a sought-after consultant on college and university curricula, general education, post-baccalaureate alternatives, professional master's in science and mathematics, and women's studies. Tobias is a popular speaker on all these topics and is available for formal addresses as well.

Educated in history and literature at Harvard/Radcliffe, Tobias earned a master's in history and an M.Phil at Columbia University and eight honorary doctorates, the most recent from Michigan State University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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Victor Piercey

Victor Piercey joined Sheila Tobias in preparing Banishing Math Anxiety as her sometime partner in math-anxiety workshops. With a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Arizona, Victor brings a wide range of experience in teaching math for elementary to college. His teaching extends to developmental college courses and quantitative reasoning, where he works hard to help those students who struggle with math anxiety, He is an associate professor of mathematics and director of general education at Ferris State University and lives with his wife, a vocal performer, in Big Rapids, Michigan.

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ISBN 9781524984595

Details Electronic Delivery EBOOK 180 days