Biochemistry and Cell Biology: The Science of Life

Author(s): Wendy Rappazzo, Jaclyn Madden

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2020


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Biochemistry and Cell Biology: The Science of Life provides an overview of the chemical and biological processes associated with life.  Chapter topics include Biochemical Pathways, Enzymes, Mitosis, Bioengineering and Biotechnology, and more!

Biochemistry and Cell Biology features:

  • A study tip at the start of each chapter
  • A description of the purpose of each chapter
  • “Clinical Perspective” sections which show the application of the material
  • Learning goals in each chapter
  • Illustrations, Tables, and Diagrams
  • Med-Notes which provide application to specific medical, pharmacological, or research areas
  • Bio-Notes which provide a more detailed look at some of the concepts
  • Chapter Summaries and End of Chapter Review Questions

Chapter 1: The Process of Science and Life

Chapter 2: Energy: The Force of Life

Chapter 3: Chemistry: The Building Blocks of Life

Chapter 4: Introduction to Organic Chemistry: The Chemistry of Life

Chapter 5: Enzymes: The Controllers of Life

Chapter 6: Cells: The Basic Units of Life

Chapter 7: Biochemical pathways: The Energy of Life

Chapter 8: Mitosis: The Replication of Life

Chapter 9: Meiosis: The Reproduction of Life

Chapter 10: DNA & RNA: The Molecular Basis of Life

Chapter 11: Inheritance: The Future of Life

Chapter 12: Bioengineering and Biotechnology: The Revision of Life


Wendy Rappazzo

Jaclyn Madden

Related ISBN's: 9781792433405, 9781792447938

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ISBN 9781792433405

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