Comprehending Behavioral Statistics

Author(s): Russell Hurlburt

Edition: 6

Copyright: 2017

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Russell Hurlburt

Russell T. Hurlburt, Ph.D., is professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of South Dakota after a BS in aeronautical engineering from Princeton and an MS in mechanical engineering from the University of New Mexico. His clinical psychology and engineering backgrounds make him ideally situated to write about introductory statistics with accuracy and sensitivity.

Dr. Hurlburt has been writing computer demonstrations of statistical concepts for students since 1979 (for historical reference, the first Macintosh was built in 1984). He developed the “eyeball estimation” techniques for comprehending the concepts of statistics that are incorporated in his textbooks Comprehending Behavioral Statistics and Personal Trainer beginning in the early 1980s. All those materials have been revised and refined in constant collaboration with students in well over 100 statistics classes.

Dr. Hurlburt is also one of the pioneers of “thought sampling,” the use of beepers to trigger the random sampling of thoughts and feelings in participants’ own natural environments. He is the originator of the “descriptive experience sampling method,” which provides qualitative, idiographic descriptions of inner experience.

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ISBN 9781524904678

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