Criminal Investigations

Author(s): Robert B. Wall, Peter Johnstone

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

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Module 1: Basics in Criminal Investigation
CHAPTER 1 Development of Modern Criminal Investigations
CHAPTER 2 Legal and Constitutional Issues Affecting Criminal Investigations
CHAPTER 3 The Investigative Process
CHAPTER 4 Investigative Resources and Follow-Up Investigations
CHAPTER 5 Laws of Arrest Search and Seizure

Module 2: The Big 3: Forensics, Eyewitnesses, and Confessions
CHAPTER 6 Case Preparation, Filing, and Trial
CHAPTER 7 Common Forensic Analyses and Interpretation
CHAPTER 8 Interviewing Witnesses
CHAPTER 9 Interrogations and False Confessions

Module 3: Issues in Specialized Investigations
CHAPTER 10 Crime Reconstruction and Non-Laboratory-Based Analyses
CHAPTER 11 Medicolegal Investigations—Homicide and Serious Assaults
CHAPTER 12 Sexual Assault and Rape
CHAPTER 13 Crimes Against Children
CHAPTER 14 White Collar Crime and Fraud
CHAPTER 15 Cybercrime

Robert B. Wall

Peter Johnstone

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ISBN 9781792412813

Details KHPContent 180 days