Economics: Principles and Applications

Author(s): Rolando A Santos

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2016

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Rolando A Santos

Rolando A. Santos is a full professor of economics at Lakeland Community College in Mentor, Ohio. He received his PhD in economics from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and dual masters’ degrees in economics and international studies from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. His global teaching and academic experience has encompassed the Philippines, France, Slovak Republic, Croatia, Romania, Australia, China, and the United States. He has written numerous academic papers on topics related to international finance particularly on the Asian foreign exchange market and financial crisis. He received various grant awards, including a Title 6B grant in business in an international education program. He also has done various consulting projects in Northeast Ohio region in both academic and business settings. Dr. Santos was also active in the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce in Northeast Ohio and the Ohio Asian American Chamber of Commerce. He is also an adjunct professor at Cleveland State University and John Carroll University.

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ISBN 9781465295217

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