Geography of Latin America: A Geographic Information Systems Approach

Author(s): Juan Paulo Ramirez

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2013

Pages: 117

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Juan Paulo Ramirez

Dr. Ramírez was born in Chile where he majored in Geography with specialization in remote sensing at the Catholic University of Chile. In 1997 he came to the United States where he earned his master and doctoral degrees in geography with specializations in geographic information systems (GIS) and human dimensions at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For his dissertation, he conducted physical and socio-economic studies using a GIS approach to improve the quality of life of small farmers in the central drylands of Chile. The study was funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Agriculture Ministry of Chile (INIA). In 2004, Dr. Ramírez started his professional career in the United States as a scientific writer for Micro-Images, Inc., a private company in Lincoln, NE that created the GIS software TNTmips. In 2007, Dr. Ramírez was hired as a research specialist at the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center (PPC), and in 2008 he started teaching Geography of Latin America at the same University. In 2011 Dr. Ramírez was appointed faculty fellow of PPC where he is conducting research focusing in the adoption of new geospatial technology using enabled GPS mobile devices by police officers. Since 2006 Dr. Ramírez maintains an independent consulting work with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and recently he started an evaluation work with the Lincoln Fire and Rescue Department. Dr. Ramírez is an active member of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) where he has given oral presentations about the use of remote sensing and GIS for evaluation, and has developed a webinar about the use of Google Earth for environmental evaluations. Dr. Ramírez has given presentations and published his work in the United States, Japan, Brazil, and Chile. In 2011 Dr. Ramírez formed his own consulting company called “GIS and Human Dimensions, LLC.”

Dr. Ramírez is married with biologist and photographer Julia (Jules) Russ, a native woman from Lincoln, Nebraska, and he has a son, Juan Ignacio, who lives with his mother in Santiago, Chile. Currently Dr. Ramírez is teaching Geography of Latin America at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as an on-line class during fall semesters and as a lecture class during spring semesters. As a native of Chile, he visits his country regularly and keeps track of his family members who live in Italy.


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ISBN 9781524905231

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