Intercultural Communication: Building Relationships and Skills

Author(s): Helen Acosta, Mark Staller, Bryan Hirayama

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2016

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Intercultural Communication: Building Relationships and Skills provides clear explanations of relevant communication theories and practical advice for improving communication skills. This text is designed to introduce students to the most important concepts, theories, and strategies related to intercultural communication. It enables students to establish and maintain satisfying relationships with people from other countries and cultures.

Intercultural Communication presents topics among 10 chapters:

  • Chapters 1-3 provide a solid foundation for understanding intercultural communication.
  • Chapters 4 & 5 help students come to an understanding of who they are and their culture and co-cultures influence and form personal identities.
  • Chapter 6-9 are skill-centered.
  • Chapter 10 presents advice about intercultural communication in very specific contexts (travel, education, health care, and romantic relationships).

The accompanying workbook provides reading guides, journal assignments, activity sheets, and self-tests. Students are able to check their basic understanding of the concepts and theories presented in the textbook while analyzing and evaluating their own intercultural communication strengths and weaknesses.


About the Authors


Chapter 1 Foundations of Intercultural Communication

Chapter 2 Appreciating Both Sameness and Difference

Chapter 3 Values and Worldviews

Chapter 4 History vs. Histories

Chapter 5 Our Multifaceted Selves

Chapter 6 Verbal Communication

Chapter 7 Nonverbal Communication

Chapter 8 Adaptation and Empathy

Chapter 9 Approaches to Conflict

Chapter 10 Intercultural Communication Across Contexts

Helen Acosta

Helen Acosta grew up playing in the halls of the Bakersfield College Fine Arts building while her dad, Norm Fricker, coached their award winning forensics team from 1976 to 1985. Helen graduated from Cal State Northridge with an MA in Communication in 1994. A few months later she was hired at Bakersfield College and has been lucky enough to work with some of her favorite people for nearly two decades. Her husband, Enrique—a singer, musician, playwright, storyteller, and barista—embraced Helen’s hometown as his own and they’ve lived in Bakersfield happily for the last eighteen years. Helen is
a grassroots trainer, theatrical producer, visual artist, singer, actor, crafter, wife, aunt, dog mom, daughter, sister, and professor. In other words, she is a typical dyslexic whose life and loves all overlap and feed one another. She has reached a point in her life where her former students are becoming her colleagues and her high school and college friends are becoming grandparents. She is fascinated by innovation, design, and technology. She has an unfortunate addiction to Facebook and Pinterest and has found ways to maximize the use of both to also feed and grow her many passions.

Mark Staller

Mark Staller earned a BA in Liberal Arts from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California, and an MA and PhD in Rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley. He has taught a wide variety of college classes throughout the state of California, including classes in Communication, English, and Philosophy. He has taught oral communication courses at all three levels of the California state university system. He is currently a Professor of Communication at Bakersfield College, and he enjoys teaching classes in intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, small group communication, and public
speaking. Mark lives in Tehachapi, California, with his wife Sylvia.

Bryan Hirayama

Bryan started his educational path at a local California Community College where he received his AA degree. Bryan transferred to a four-year university where he earned both his BA and MA in Communication from California State University, Fresno. While at CSU Fresno his passion for teaching and student engagement began and flourished as a Teaching Assistant. He has since taught for both public and private Universities and Colleges within and outside the United States, for Technical and Career Colleges, and at the Community College level. Bryan now calls Bakersfield College in California home and his commitment to his students, his work within his discipline, and higher education as a whole is stronger than ever. Bryan would like to thank his beautiful wife Tritia for her patience as he works through his seemingly endless to-do list. It is with her and their two sons, Kiano and Kai, that he continues to push himself to do more and be more. If not for this small group, none of this would be possible.

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ISBN 9781524904890

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