Introductory Chemistry: Laboratory Manual for Distance Learning

Author(s): Coastline Learning Systems

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2011

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This laboratory kit is a stand-alone chemistry laboratory course which can be used with any introductory, non-majors chemistry course. Although it is written as a distance-learning program, this kit would also work well with an on-campus chemistry course where lab space is not easily available.

This learning system includes:

  • A laboratory manual with specific learning objectives, experiments, illustrations, and procedures.
  • Video lessons on CD guide students through the instructions they would normally receive in a classroom.
  • Self-contained kit with over 50 laboratory supplies for completing the experiments
  • Questions to help students analyze, review, and apply their knowledge of the material covered.


 Recommended Text Also Available for Chemistry Lecture Courses:
Understanding Chemistry in Our World (ISBN 978-0-7575-6017-0)

Complete list of lab materials included with this kit

Preface: How to Take This Lab Course

Lesson 1 Chemistry & the Amazing Table
Lesson 2 Bonding: Atomic Glue
Lesson 3 Ionic Compounds: Opposites Do Attract
Lesson 4 Molecules: When Atoms Share Electrons
Lesson 5 Organic Molecules
Lesson 6 Chemical Reactions: Atoms Find New Partners
Lesson 7 Energy Makes Things Happen
Lesson 8 Gases, Liquids, Solids: Going Through Phases
Lesson 9 Solutions: Mixing It Up!
Lesson 10 Rates & Equilibrium: Controlling Reactions
Lesson 11 Acid/Base Chemistry: Proton Power
Lesson 12 Electrochemistry: The Chemistry of Batteries
Lesson 13 Nuclear Chemistry: Nature’s Power Pack
Lesson 14 Biochemistry: The Chemistry of Life

Coastline Learning Systems

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ISBN 9780757579387

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