Introductory Plant Science: Investigating the Green World

Author(s): McKenney et al

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

Details: KH Adaptive | 180 days |

Think of a one-on-one tutoring experience, where a student is allowed to process material and progress at an individual pace.

Imagine if this was available for every student in your class.

Introductory Plant Science: Investigating the Green World​ is integrated with a powerful adaptive software that evaluates student understanding in real time as they study, providing a path of learning objectives tailored for every student. The goal is completion—rather than assigning a grade to student performance, it focuses on a thorough understanding of course material through a customized learning experience.

How does this happen?

Built-in adaptive software constantly analyzes two things: confidence and competency. Through frequent evaluation of student comfort with the material and questions based off demonstrated understanding, it adapts course content to each student’s needs, ensuring processing and retention at an individual pace.

Related ISBN's: 9781524995997




ISBN 9781524995997

Details KH Adaptive 180 days