Law for Recreation and Sport Managers

Author(s): Doyice J Cotten, John Wolohan

Edition: 8

Copyright: 2020


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Since 1997, Law for Recreation and Sport Managers has been the leading recreation and sports law book for undergraduate and graduate sport management and recreation programs.

Key Features:

  • Up-to-date on current court cases
  • Each chapter is written by leading recreation and sport law professors and experts in the field.
  • Each chapter follows an easy-to-read format.
  • Each chapter examines a significant case and reviews how the courts apply the fundamental legal concepts.

Designed for both undergraduate and graduate students, the book is divided into seven approachable sections plus additional materials that educates readers on the complex issues of recreation and sport law.

Also included:

  • Supplemental cases online – In addition to the significant cases in each chapter, students can now access additional select cases online to further illustrate important concepts.
  • Chapter sidebars - Each chapter now includes a sidebar, an interesting point of law or a new ruling that presents a new idea.
  • End of chapter reviews - Students are encouraged to engage with the material by answering the end of chapter question prompts.

Contributing Authors

1.10 The Legal System Kristi L. Schoepfer Bochicchio
1.20 Business Structure and Legal Authority John T. Wolohan
1.30 Alternative Dispute Resolution Rebecca J. Mowrey

2.10 Negligence Theory
2.11 Negligence Doyice J. Cotten
2.12 Which Parties are Liable? Doyice J. Cotten
2.13 Liability of Sport Participants, Instructors, and Officials Doyice J. Cotten
2.20 Defenses
2.21 Defenses Against Negligence Doyice J. Cotten
2.22 Immunity Doyice J. Cotten
2.23 Waivers and Releases Doyice J. Cotten
2.30 Recreation and Sport Management Applications
2.31 Premises Liability John Grady
2.32 Property Law Sarah J. Young
2.33 Emergency Care Kristi L. Schoepfer Bochicchio
2.34 Transportation Andrew T. Pittman
2.35 Products Liability Rebecca J. Mowrey
2.36 Hospitality and Tourism Law Sarah J. Young

3.10 Theory and Applications for Recreation and Sport Management
3.11 Intentional Torts Kerri Cebula
3.12 Criminal Law and Sport Kristi L. Schoepfer Bochicchio & Mark Dodds

4.10 Risk Management Theory
4.11 Risk Management Process Robin Ammon, Jr.
4.20 Recreation and Sport Management Applications
4.21 Developing the Risk Management Plan Todd L. Seidler
4.22 Crisis Management Daniel P. Connaughton & Thomas A. Baker, III
4.23 Workers’ Compensation John T. Wolohan

5.10 Contract Essentials Bridget Niland
5.20 Recreation and Sport Management Application
5.21 Employment Contracts Rodney L. Caughron
5.22 Game, Event, and Sponsorship Contracts Bridget Niland

6.10 Concepts
6.11 State Action John T. Wolohan
6.12 Due Process John T. Wolohan
6.13 Equal Protection Sarah K. Fields
6.14 First Amendment John T. Wolohan
6.20 Recreation and Sport Management Applications
6.21 Private Clubs & Voluntary Associations in Sport and Recreation Anne L. DeMartini & Mark Dodds
6.22 Eligibility and Conduct Issues Colleen Colles
6.23 Drug Testing John T. Wolohan & Fei Gao

7.10 Federal Statutes and Discrimination
7.11 Title IX Barbara Osborne
7.12 Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Stephanie A. Tryce & Lisa Pike Masteralexis
7.13 Sexual Harassment Barbara Osborne & Erica J. Zonder
7.14 Age Discrimination in Employment Anne L. DeMartini
7.15 Disability Discrimination John T. Wolohan
7.16 Sports Gambling John T. Wolohan & Fei Gao
7.20 Intellectual Property Law
7.21 Copyright and Patent Law Merry Moiseichik
7.22 Principles of Trademark Merry Moiseichik
7.23 Image Rights John T. Wolohan
7.30 Antitrust and Labor Law
7.31 Antitrust Law: Professional Sport Applications Lisa Pike Masteralexis
7.32 Antitrust Law: Amateur Sport Applications John T. Wolohan
7.33 Labor Law: Professional Sport Applications Lisa Pike Masteralexis & James T. Masteralexis
7.40 Sport Agent Legislation John T. Wolohan

Case Index
Subject Index

Doyice J Cotten

Doyice J. Cotten is an emeritus professor of sport management at Georgia Southern University where he taught graduate and undergraduate courses in sport law and risk management. He manages his own writing and risk management consulting business, Sport Risk Consulting.

Dr. Cotten’s major area of interest is liability waivers. He speaks on waivers at conferences such as the Athletic Business Conference, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the National Equine Law Conference. He also writes waivers for all types of sport and recre- ation businesses.

Dr. Cotten has published more than 150 articles on legal liability and risk management. He has collected and analyzed over 1,400 sport- and recreation-related waiver cases and has co-authored two books on the subject, including Waivers & Releases of Liability (9th ed., 2016).

Readers are invited to visit Dr. Cotten’s website, The site features current information regarding both risk management and liability waivers and contains more than 250 articles by Dr. Cotten and many other authorities in the fields of liability waivers and risk management.

John Wolohan

Attorney John Wolohan is a professor of Sports Law in the Department of Sport Management in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics at Syracuse University as well as in the Syracuse College of Law at Syracuse University. Professor Wolohan, who is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Associations, received his B.A. from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and his J.D. from Western New England University School of Law.

In addition to being the author of the “Sports Law Report” a monthly article that appears in Athletic Business, Professor Wolohan has also published numerous articles and book chapters in the areas of doping, intellectual property and antitrust issues in sport in such journals as the Marquette Sports Law Journal, Seton Hall Journal of Sports Law, Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal, University of Missouri-Kansas City Law Review, Educational Law Reporter, International Sports Law Journal, Journal of the Legal Aspects of Sport and the Journal of Sport Management. Professor Wolohan has also made numerous presentations in the area of sports law to such organizations as the American Bar Association, International Sports Lawyers Association, Athletic Business, US Sport Congress, US Indoor Sports Association, the Sport and Recreation Law Association, the North American Society of Sport Management, the European Association for Sport Management and the Asser Sports Law Institute.

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