Leadership in Changing Times: How Adaptive Leadership is Replacing Classic Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World

Author(s): Tariq Khan

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2022

Pages: 196


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The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the world in countless ways.  This tumult was a perfect test of leadership.

Leadership in Changing Times: How Adaptive Leadership is Replacing Classic Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World peels back the layers of the leadership “onion” to determine whether leading during changing times is really complicated or if we are simply making it complicated.

Designed for people in leadership positions or students aspiring to leadership positions, Leadership in Changing Times by Tariq Khan:

  • is personal!  The publication includes anecdotes, quotes, stories, and examples from the author’s experience as a leader in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.
  • provides perspective on how leaders need to adapt to keep up with the frenetic pace of change that is occurring today.
  • promotes intellectual curiosity by describing the differences between leaders and managers, questioning whether leaders are born or made, and defining the biggest challenge leaders will face: connecting with the changing audience (i.e., diversity, equity, and inclusion).
  • is a leadership guide for young professionals who want to plan their leadership journey as an entrepreneur or a corporate maven. In addition, it is invaluable for seasoned leaders who are discovering their self-actualization while leaving a legacy.
  • integrates first-hand expert advice from Fortune 100 Leaders – Michael Fung, Doug Hammond, Farooq Kathwari, Eileen McDonnell, and Kathleen Murphy.

Knowing everything about leadership doesn’t make a leader. It is the effective application of that knowledge that impacts long-term success in one’s leadership journey.  Leadership in Changing Times is a proven guide!

About the Author

CHAPTER 1 How COVID19 has impacted leaders

CHAPTER 2 Eleven Leadership Myths

CHAPTER 3 Leaders—Born or Made?

CHAPTER 4 Do You Have Critical Leadership Traits?

CHAPTER 5 Leaders vs. Managers—Understanding the Differences and Working Together

CHAPTER 6 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Connecting with the Changing Audience—Your Biggest Challenge

CHAPTER 7 Classic Leadership vs. Adaptive Leadership

CHAPTER 8 The Future of Education

CHAPTER 9 Leadership from a Global Perspective

CHAPTER 10 Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Coaches

CHAPTER 11 We All Will Work for Younger People

CHAPTER 12 C-Suite Perspectives: Interviews with Fortune 100 Leaders

Michael Fung
Former CFO, Walmart U.S., JCPenney, Nieman Marcus

Doug Hammond
Chairman and CEO, National Financial Partners Corp. (NFP Corp.)

Farooq Kathwari
Chairman, CEO, and President, Ethan Allen Interiors Inc.

Eileen McDonnell
President and CEO, Penn Mutual

Kathleen Murphy
President, Personal Investing, Fidelity Investments

Final Thoughts

Appendix: How to Make This Book Interactive for Your Students


Tariq Khan

Tariq Khan is a global sought-after keynote speaker and a recognized business leader who brings the combination of corporate and professional leadership experience along with academic learning. His expertise includes thought leadership, innovative marketing strategy, cultural transformation and the diversity and inclusion arena. He has had a distinguished twenty-year corporate career and has held senior leadership roles for major global Fortune companies, including ING, Nationwide, and MetLife. In his last corporate job, Tariq was Senior Vice President and Head of Market Development for ING.

In 2010, Tariq founded his company, Global Diversity Marketing (GDM) in New York. GDM is a leading management consulting firm that has helped global Fortune companies and coached C-Suites leaders to adopt and thrive in the changing environment. Tariq has equally impressive contributions in the nonprofit world. He serves on the board of directors/advisors for the APIA Scholars; the Asian Pacific Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS); and Ascend, which is the largest Asian American professional network, and president of OPEN Tri-State. He is also the chairman of the board of trustees at the Stratford University in Alexandria, Virginia.

Tariq especially enjoys his role as adjunct professor of marketing and leadership at New York University’s SPS graduate school. Tariq has been a faculty member at NYU since 2005. Tariq earned a bachelor’s degree in international marketing and advertising from Baruch College, New York; an MBA in marketing and management from St. John’s University, New York; and an Executive Management Certification from Babson College, Massachusetts.

Tariq has spoken at major events around the world and shared stage with global CEOs, critical thinkers, and a U.S. President.

Leaders today must pay attention to cyber security and artificial intelligence. Tariq’s book is timely for the changing times.
Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan


Leader leads people. Leader does not follow public opinion. Best wishes to Tariq on his book.
Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan


The need for trusted and effective leaders is essential to creating a new era for inclusivity and innovation. As an experienced thought partner, Khan moves in spaces of influence to strike the right connections between teams and the global communities they serve, making his book an incredible resource for any leader of today.
Craig Williams, President, JORDAN Brand, Nike


The role of leadership has never been more important than today. Tariq Khan has an impressive background and the expertise to share his valuable experience. A must-read for all kinds of leaders and entrepreneurs.
Craig R. Quigley
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Public Affairs


As a Chairman of the board of Trustees, Tariq has helped Stratford University create a culture of leadership. His insight on leadership is an asset.
Dr. Richard Shurtz, President, Stratford University


We are living in the most unique times; many leaders will emerge, and many will perish. It is critical that leaders pay the utmost attention to their biggest asset, PEOPLE. Tariq Khan has taken the plunge to address leading people through these challenging times. This book provides a holistic view of leading the changing workforce. A great read.
Michele C. Meyer-Shipp, Esq., SHRM-SCP
Chief People & Culture Officer, Major League Baseball


In today’s dynamic world, leaders must evolve their approach - to individuals, teams, customers, partners and more - if they are to lead successfully. Adaptability, agility, and flexibility are now prerequisite traits of transformative leaders across all facets of society. Tariq’s book provides insight on these topics based on his decades of experiences.
Anne Chow
Chief Executive Officer - AT&T Business

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ISBN 9781792481932

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