A Lexicon of Sociological Terms and Theorists

Author(s): John Knox

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019


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A Lexicon of Sociological Terms and Theorists provides a better, more comprehensible  lexicon of terms and important people in the field of Sociology for students. People cannot learn if they are not provided with understandable explanations or descriptions, which is the main goal of this book. Thus, it utilizes uncomplicated, straightforward terms in the definitions. In addition, it includes a chapter on the sociology of religion has been integrated.

List of Illustrations

1 Introduction

2 Sociological Research

3 Culture

4 Socialization

5 Social Structure

6 Deviance and Crime

7 Social Class

8 Global Inequality

9 Gender and Age

10 Race and Ethnicity

11 Social Change

12 Religion

Suggested Sources

John Knox

John S. Knox is an associate professor of Sociology in the College of General Studies and an instructor of Apologetics in the Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University. He has taught Bible, Sociology, history, and religion for nearly two decades at several Christian universities in the Pacific Northwest and the East Coast, utilizing his PhD in Theology & Religion (Sociology), a MATS in Christian History & Thought, and a BA in History and English to help his students more fully understand what it meant to be a Christian in the past--and why it is still relevant in the present. He currently lives in Virginia with his wife and two sons.

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