Listen to Me Now, or Listen to Me Later: A Memoir of Academic Success for College Students

Author(s): William T. Hoston

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 170


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Listen to Me Now, or Listen to Me Later: A Memoir of Academic Success for College Students provides college students with key strategies and methods for achieving academic success. It gives advice to students on how to approach and handle trials and tribulations, gain self-awareness, and become an active learner while in college. The themes of attitude, faith, determination, courage, and perseverance are used throughout the book. This is an important read for students that need motivation to stay the path and complete their college education.


Chapter One: God Has Plans for Me, Bigger than I Ever Imagined
Chapter Two: If You Embrace Negativity, It Will Hold You Forever
Chapter Three: From a 1.9 G.P.A. to a Ph.D.
Chapter Four: The Road Less Traveled Can Lead to Success
Chapter Five: Being Content Opens the Door for Failure
Chapter Six: Living a Significant Life

Motivational Worksheets
About the Author

William T. Hoston

William T. Hoston Sr., Ph.D., is an Associate Dean, Professor of Political Science, and Mellon Center Director at Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU). He holds teaching and research interests in the areas of minority voting behavior, political behavior of Black politicians, race and minority group behavior, Black masculinity, sexualities and gender, race and crime, and theories and dynamics of racism and oppression. Dr. Hoston is the author or editor of seven academic books. His last academic book, Toxic Silence, won the 2019 Lambda Literary Award in the ‘LGBTQ studies’ category. For more information on Dr. Hoston, please visit:

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ISBN 9781792403279

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