Michigan Criminal Law & Procedure: A Manual for Michigan Police Officers

Author(s): Michigan Department Of State Police

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2014

Pages: 542


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Acknowledgments and References

Chapter 1 Constitutional Law

Chapter 2 Court Functions and Basic Legal Terminology

Chapter 3 Inchoate Offenses

Chapter 4 Assault and Child Abuse

Chapter 5 Domestic Violence

Chapter 6 Sex Offenses

Chapter 7 Homicide and Kidnapping

Chapter 8 Robbery

Chapter 9 Crimes Against Persons: Selected Statutes

Chapter 10 Destruction of Property

Chapter 11 Burglary

Chapter 12 Theft Crimes

Chapter 13 Financial Crimes

Chapter 14 Crimes Against Property: Selected Statutes

Chapter 15 Controlled Substances

Chapter 16 Explosives and Weapons

Chapter 17 Impersonation and Obstruction of Justice

Chapter 18 Public Interest Crimes: Selected Statutes

Chapter 19 Laws of Arrest

Chapter 20 Admissions and Confessions

Chapter 21 Laws on Suspect Identification

Chapter 22 Search and Seizure

Chapter 23 Warrantless Searches

Chapter 24 Laws of Evidence

Chapter 25 O.W.I. Law

Chapter 26 Juvenile Law

Chapter 27 Laws on Use of Force

Chapter 28 Civil Law and Liability

Chapter 29 Crime Victim’s Rights Act

Appendix: Sample Forms



Michigan Department Of State Police

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ISBN 9781465264114

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