Missing from Michigan Ave: The Case of John Eric Armstrong

Author(s): B. R. Bates, Gerald Cliff, Ph.D.

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 406


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In late 1999, women began disappearing from Detroit's thriving areas of prostitution. The following spring of 2000, when the bodies of three of them were discovered on a seedy stretch of railroad tracks in the southwest part of town, police realized there was a serial killer operating in the Motor City. And though it was a quick arrest - just a couple days later - police at first had no idea just how far and wide the horrors of this crime extended. As the perp began to talk, and he revealed detail after detail, it became all too clear that the case of John Eric Armstrong could span the country. And even the globe.

Longtime author and journalist B.R. Bates takes you through the crimes and investigation that followed, collaborating with the commanding officer of the Violent Crime Section that investigated the Armstrong case in Detroit, Dr. Gerald Cliff. Informed by interviews of victim family members, numerous law enforcement, and others touched by the crimes, as well as a wealth of documentation from the case, Missing from Michigan Ave is a chronicle of a killer with a reach that still remains largely unknown. 

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Monica Johnson

Wendy Jordan

Rose Marie Felt

Kelly Jean Hood

Nicole Young (aka Robin Brown)

Lived to Tell: Natasha Olejniczak

Breaking Her Silence: Zelda Jakubowski

To Catch a Killer
     A Fatal Error
     The Assaults Continue
     A Discovery at the Tracks
     More Than They Bargained For
     The Hunt for a Serial
     A Mission on Michigan
     The Horrors Revealed
     His Day in Court

The Unknown and Unconfirmed
     White Female: Seattle, Washington
     Black Male: Seattle, Washington
     Asian Female (Transgender): Thailand
     Asian Female: Thailand
     Asian Female: Singapore, Southeast Asia
     Asian Female: Hong Kong
     Asian Female: Hong Kong
     White Female: Waikiki/Honolulu, Hawaii
     White Female: Waikiki/Honolulu, Hawaii
     White Female: Newport News/Norfolk, Virginia

The Investigation Looks Outward

Virginia Possibility: Linette Hillig

Hawaii Possibility: Lisa Fracassi

What Became of the Investigation?

So Did He Actually Commit These Other Murders?

The Questions of Why

Why Prostitutes?

A Phoenix Just Beginning to Rise

Inside the Call-Girl Culture: One of Detroit’s Seedier Sides

Crimes of Opportunity

Why, At All?

His Humble Beginnings

The Other Side of the Story: A Half-Brother Speaks

No Easy Answers

Killer Comparisons

John Eric Armstrong Today



Selected Bibliography

B. R. Bates

B.R. Bates is a longtime author and journalist who has concentrated her career in the pop culture genre, with 10 books in print and a number of e-books and publications, as well. With "Missing from Michigan Ave: The Case of John Eric Armstrong," she makes her first foray into true crime, returning more solidly to her journalism roots. She graduated from Michigan State University's accredited School of Journalism with a bachelor's degree, and a second major of English, and spent 10 years in the daily newspaper industry before transitioning into the corporate world. Besides time at the Wausau (Wis.) Daily Herald and The Saginaw (Mich.) News, she spent five years at The Detroit News, where she worked at the time of this case. More recently, she has managed websites for a federal agency while continuing her freelance writing projects. A Michigan native, Bates has also lived in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. She's currently working on another true crime project. Catch an interview with her in the episode of Oxygen's "Twisted Killers" series focusing on the Armstrong case.

Gerald Cliff, Ph.D.

Dr. Cliff retired after 31 years with the Detroit Police Department in 2005 at the Rank of Commander. Among the positions he held during his tenure, Dr. Cliff served with the K-9 Unit, the Underwater Recovery Team, and the Tactical Services Section.

During his executive career with the department, he served as the commanding officer of the Violent Crimes Section. He also served as commanding officer of the Special Investigations Section, consisting of the Armed Robbery Unit, Sex Crimes Unit, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Commercial Auto Theft, Cyber Crimes (including ICAC, Internet Crimes Against Children), and the Financial Crimes units.

During his career, Dr. Cliff also served as the officer in charge of the Training and Compliance section of the Civil Rights Integrity Bureau of the Detroit Police Department, a unit established to deal with two U.S. Department of Justice consent decrees.

A career police administrator, Dr. Cliff went on to serve over 7 years in the position of Chief of Police of the Saginaw Michigan Police department from 2005 to 2012.

In 2012, Dr. Cliff accepted a position as Research Director of the National White-Collar Crime Center, a U.S. Department of Justice grant funded organization whose purpose is to train state and local law enforcement in the investigation of complex financial and computer related crimes.

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