Music Appreciation: Histories and Cultures

Author(s): Jeremy Smith, Jay Keister

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2019

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Unit One: Elements of Music
Chapter 1: Melody and Rhythm
Chapter 2: Harmony, Texture and Form
Chapter 3: Timbre and Expression

Unit Two: Western Classical Music
Chapter 4: Medieval Era
Chapter 5: Renaissance
Chapter 6: Baroque Era
Chapter 7: Classical Era
Chapter 8: Romantic Era
Chapter 9: Twentieth Century

Unit Three: World Music
Unit Three Introduction
Chapter 10: Indigenous Peoples
Chapter 11: Asian Music
Chapter 12: African Music 
Chapter 13: Latin American Music

Unit Four: Popular Music
Chapter 14: Rise of American Popular Music
Chapter 15: Birth of Rock and Roll
Chapter 16: Art of Modern Jazz
Chapter 17: The Development of Rock
Chapter 18: Soul and Beyond
Chapter 19: Rock on the Edge

Jeremy Smith

Jay Keister

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ISBN 9781792492907

Details KHPContent 180 days