Native American College and Career Success

Author(s): Marsha Fralick, Beatrice Zamora Aguilar, Larry Gauthier

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2021

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The book is based on the premise that education for Native American and Indigenous students begins with a positive self-concept. For these students, positive self-concept includes pride in their cultural background.

Chapters contain a section titled “Stories from the Elders” or “Interviews with the Elders,” which help students to connect universal themes in Native cultures to college success. Stories from Canada, the United States, and Mexico bridge commonalities across cultures.

Talking circle topics help students to understand traditional culture and how they can build on this knowledge to improve their success in college, careers, and life.

Chapter 1, The Spirit Essence of All We Do: Cultural Identity and Success, contains an overview of Native American and Canadian Indigenous history of higher education from colonization to the present day. It helps students to understand that taking pride in their culture and appreciating diversity is the foundation for learning. It also helps students in transitioning to college and overcoming common obstacles to their success.

New Topics Include: 
• Health and Wellbeing
• Suggestions for Successful Learning from the Native Perspective
• The Native Concept of Time
• Native Ways of Knowing
• Begin Your Journey with Smudging

A new section, Additional Cultural Material, contains added stories and talking circle questions for discussion

Tools for Student Engagement
• Interactive activities within the text help students to practice the material learned.
• Frequent quizzes and answer keys within the chapters help students with reading comprehension and check understanding of key concepts.
• Journal entries help students think critically and apply what they have learned to their personal lives.
• Individual and group exercises are included at the end of each chapter.

Resources for Faculty and Students at College Success 1
The College Success 1 website at has additional materials to accompany this textbook. Student resources include key ideas, Internet links related to each chapter, and Word documents for the journal entries. Resources for faculty include the Instructor Manual and Faculty Resources for teaching college success courses including over 500 pages of classroom exercises, handouts, video suggestions, Internet links to related material, and much more.

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Chapter 1  The Spirit Essence of All We Do: Cultural Identity and Success

Chapter 2  Dreams Bring Knowledge: Understanding Motivation

Chapter 3  Walk with Nature as One: Choosing Your Major

Chapter 4  The Moon Will Smile at Your Courage: Managing Time and Money

Chapter 5  The Earth Sings the Same Song It Sang to My Ancestors: Improving Your Memory

Chapter 6  The Rainbow Will Rise Full Circle: Improving Study Skills

Chapter 7  Listen to the Trees Talk: Taking Notes, Writing, and Speaking

Chapter 8  Walk with Bare Feet on the Earth: Test Taking

Chapter 9  Walking in Beauty and Harmony: Thinking Positively about the Future

Marsha Fralick

Dr. Marsha Fralick has been recognized as an Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate by the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition for excellence in teaching, curriculum development, and leadership over the last 43 years. She has brought together research in psychology, education, neuroscience, health, and career development to provide students with strategies for college, career, and lifelong success. Her college and career success materials are now used by community colleges and universities nationwide and in Canada. She has a doctorate from the University of Southern California with an emphasis in career counseling, a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Redlands, and a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and English from Arizona State University. She has a passion for helping students achieve their goals and dreams in life through developing a positive self-concept and increasing both their skills and motivation to achieve success.

Beatrice Zamora Aguilar

Beatrice Zamora is a retired educator with 32 years of service with a special focus upon students who face challenges of being low-income, educationally underprepared, and under-represented in college. Beatrice has served in various roles in higher education including the Dean of Counseling and Student Services, professor, and counselor. In 2015, Beatrice received the honor of Woman of the Year – Higher Education, bestowed upon her by the California State Legislature, an acknowledgement of her dedication and service to the students of California. Bea understands that cultural diversity is a strength and she has explored her Native American heritage through the Aztec dance and culture of Mexico and collecting Native American stories. She has a passion for creating equality and helping students reach for their dreams.

Larry Gauthier

As a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Larry Gauthier was raised in the Woodland Cree traditions and incorporates traditional First Nations value and beliefs systems into student support programs. Larry has spent over 20 years working in student support services and most recently at the senior executive level with Southeast College in Saskatchewan. His passion has always been student retention and success.

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ISBN 9781792475344

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