Persuasion: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice

Author(s): Ann Bainbridge Frymier

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2017


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Students want to learn how to persuade parents, teachers, and classmates.
Teachers often view a skills approach as too limiting and focus on theories of persuasion.

Persuasion: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice features an unprecedented fusion of the persuasion skills that students seek, integrated with persuasion theories instructors want to teach - the two approaches that have often been at odds with one another.

Available in print and eBook formats, Persuasion: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice:

  • Explains the major theories of persuasion.
  • Features chapters dedicated to compliance and propaganda and ethics as they relate to persuasion.
  • Utilizes research studies to illustrate theory and its application.
  • Includes numerous current examples and illustrations throughout that bring the application of the chapter concepts to life.
  • Is an Enhanced Online Learning Package designed for students and instructors. Seamlessly integrated within the book’s pedagogy, it includes chapter outlines, activities, interactive exercises, a glossary of terms, PowerPoint™ presentations, links to video clips, and a course management system.

Section One: Introduction to Persuasion 
Chapter 1: The Concept of Persuasion 
Chapter 2: Attitudes: Definition, Formation, and Measurement
Chapter 3: The Relationship Between Attitudes and Behaviors

Section Two: T he Persuasion Process 
Chapter 4: Source Factors
Chapter 5: Message Factors
Chapter 6: Receiver and Channel Factors

Section Three: Theories of Persuasion 
Chapter 7: The Role of Theory in Persuasion 
Chapter 8: Social Judgment Theory 
Chapter 9: Consistency and Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Chapter 10: A Reasoned Act ion Approach
Chapter 11: Elaboration Likelihood Model

Section Four: Strategies and Tactics 
Chapter 12: Compliance

Section Five: Ethics in Persuasion 
Chapter 13: Ethics

Ann Bainbridge Frymier

Ann Bainbridge Frymier is a Professor of Communication and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Miami University and received an Ed.D. in communication studies and curriculum and instruction in 1992 from West Virginia University.

Dr. Frymier’s primary area of research is instructional communication, focusing on effective communication in instructional environments. Her research is published in a variety of journals including Communication Education, Communication Quarterly, Journal of Applied Communication, and Communication Research Reports and has written several book chapters.

Dr. Frymier frequently teaches persuasion and research methods and has taught a wide variety of other courses, including instructional communication, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, intercultural communication, and nonverbal communication.

Persuasion:  Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice is my first choice as a textbook for the introductory persuasion and social influence course.  It is organized logically, written at just the right level, covers the most important persuasion concepts and theories, and includes recent and relevant examples.  Best of all, my students consistently comment in my course evaluations that they actually read this book and enjoy it! 
Jennifer Waldeck | Chapman University

Persuasion: Integrating Theory, Research and Practice is both comprehensive and accessible. Carefully organized, the text provides students with extensive coverage of theories, models and concepts along with engaging examples and exercises.
Anne F. Mattina | Stonehill College

Persuasion: Integrating Theory, Research and Practice is accessible to students and has a great combination of theory and integration.
Donna Allen | Northwest Nazarene University

Persuasion: Integrating Theory, Research and Practice is theory-driven but focused more on application instead of telling students all about the experiments that were conducted on the theory.
Laura R. Umphrey | Northern Arizona University

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ISBN 9781524999728

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