Author(s): Elisa Setmire

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2023

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Psyched combines a textbook and workbook for students taking an introduction to psychology course at the college level. In the textbook portion, each chapter begins with a short summary of the main topics that will be covered and ends with definitions of all the key terms from the chapter. Unique to this book is the integration of popular culture examples within the text, a focus on application of the materials, and links to “Psyched with Setmire”; a YouTube channel featuring lecture presentation videos created by the author that coordinate with the chapter content. In the workbook section, the PowerPoint lecture slides used in class for each chapter are provided along with space for students to take notes. There are also warm-ups and class participation activities that students will be completing during the course that are included in the workbook for ease of access and reference. Using the two sections of the book, students will be able to gain not only the content knowledge form the textbook portion but also the chance to apply that knowledge with the activities provided in the workbook.

New to the third edition are “Apply It!” practical tips for students interspersed throughout the textbook portion, greater depth in several content areas, updated popular culture examples, and new creative class participation exercises and warm ups to engage students!


Warm-ups Instructions and Grading Rubric          

Chapter 1: Nature and Nurture
Chapter 2: Science vs. Intuition and Common Sense            
  • Chapter 2: Babies Can Read             
  • Chapter 2: Matching Research Methods    
Chapter 3: What Are Neurons?        
  • Chapter 3: What Are Neurotransmitters?              
Chapter 4: Sensation vs. Perception        
Chapter 5: The Shoes on Your Feet       
  • Chapter 5: Sleep Stages Matching           
  • Chapter 5: Hypnosis           
  • Chapter 5: Drug Use       
Chapter 6: Who Is Pavlov?          
  • Chapter 6: Identifying Classical Conditioning Components from a Clip   
  • Chapter 6: Observational Learning            
Chapter 7: Retaining Information
  • Chapter 7: Memorize This!     
  • Chapter 7: Exam Memory Tips         
Chapter 8: What Is Intelligence?
Chapter 9: Why Are You Here?          
  • Chapter 9: Losing or Gaining Weight       
Chapter 10: Emotion Theories            
Chapter 11: Stuck at an Age
  • Chapter 11: Who Is Piaget?
  • Chapter 11: Death
Chapter 12: The Big Five              
  • Chapter 12: Freud’s Structures of Personality              
  • Chapter 12: Erikson’s Eight Stages           
Chapter 13: The Cup Is?
  • Chapter 13: Alternative Medicine             
Chapter 14: Models of Abnormality
  • Chapter 14: Suicide             
Chapter 15: Rico and Heights             
Chapter 16: Making an Error          
  • Chapter 16: Racism  
Handouts and Activities
Random Sampling with M&Ms   
Creating a Research Design Activity         
Drawing the Brain       
Sensation and Perception Participation Worksheet        
Why We Dream: Five Modern Theories for Dreams and Nightmares     
Squirt Gun Exercise        
Classical vs. Operant Conditioning          
Cognition Homework     
Problem Solving
Motivational Theories Scenarios
Motivation and Emotion Worksheet        
“100 Years” by Five For Fighting
Greeting Cards             
Personality Homework    
Stress Test
Therapy and Therapist Stereotypes           
Social Cognition
Study Guides and Extra Credit 
Exam #1 Study Guide    
Exam #2 Study Guide     
Exam #3 Study Guide    
Exam #4 Study Guide     
Final Exam Cumulative Portion  
Extra Credit–Semester Long Option #1             
Extra Credit–Semester Long Option #2 

Elisa Setmire

Elisa Setmire is a full-time and tenured Professor of Psychology at Moorpark College in Moorpark, California. Professor Setmire has been teaching at the community college level for roughly ten years and has a strong educational background in Psychology, Gender and Women’s Studies, Queer Studies, and Multicultural Studies.

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ISBN 9798765712887

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