Psychology in Diversity, Diversity in Psychology: Introduction to Psychology for the 21st Century

Author(s): Jürgen W. Kremer

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

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Psychology in Diversity | Diversity in Psychology: Introduction to Psychology in the 21st Century takes students on a journey that looks at psychology and their own psyche from a new perspective.

This turn-key online course package encourages students to explore the psychological diversity of humans (psychology in diversity) and the diversity and different approaches within the field of psychology (diversity in psychology).

From an inclusive and transdisciplinary perspective the content helps students to think psychologically and to ask questions small (does a cell have memory?) and large (how can we overcome social polarization?). It is an invitation to enlarge and change your lens on the psychological aspects of our world. The journey is designed not just to be informative, but also transformative.

The online course package includes an eText, interactive activities, automatically graded quizzes, and a gradebook. 

Chapter 1: The Varieties of Psychology

Chapter 2: Mind—Biology—Community

Chapter 3: Biopsychology and the Foundations of Neuroscience

Chapter 4: States of Consciousness

Chapter 5: Personality – Our Lens into the World

Chapter 6: Gateways Into Our Worlds – Sensation and Perception

Chapter 7: Memory and Learning

Chapter 8: Emotion and Motivation

Chapter 9: Intelligence and Thinking

Chapter 10: Cycles of Life

Chapter 11: Stress, Trauma, Health, and Well-Being

Chapter 12: Severe Psychological Suffering

Chapter 13: Healing Interventions for Psychological Suffering

Chapter 14: Community, Communitas, and Social Psychology

Chapter 15: The Promise and Future of Psychology

Jürgen W. Kremer

Tenured Faculty
Behavioral Sciences
Santa Rosa Junior College

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ISBN 9781524941468

Details WEBCOM, GRT Product